Begin your Journey!

Practicing Gratitude 21 Day Prompt Pack

There is scientific evidence that being grateful improves sleep, increases physical health, and boosts self-esteem, sounds like an *hell yeah.* Since health is wealth, we’re going to embark on a 21 day journey of being thankful together. Some might even say this prompt pack will give you the gratitude glow.

On this 21 day journey, these 21 prompts will help you reflect on your gratitude practice and learn to speak its language. You’ll also start noticing the invisible world of goodness living right in front of your eyes, and understand how to better integrate it in your routine. Gratitude is the attitude!

The prompt pack includes:

  • an introduction section
  • 21 handpicked prompts on the theme of learning to learn
  • 7 questions about “noticing gratitude”
  • 7 questions about “living gratitude”
  • 7 questions about “offering gratitude”
  • a review section once the prompts are completed
  • a playlist to put you in the journaling mood
  • + each prompt includes a provocative “food for thought” paragraph to get your mind going


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